The Power of Dilution

What?? you say. To dilute, by definition means “to make weaker or thinner” by adding other elements. Then how can a dilution be synonymous with power?Enter essential oil dilutions.Essential oils are by their very nature, extremely concentrated. The process of extracting essential oils from plants is all about reducing roots,...

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Giving Back : April 2017

April 22 is Earth Day … so in honor of Mother Earth and all that she provides us with, we have decided to make this Earth MONTH at BodyMantra. We are always looking for socially-responsible initiatives that focus on taking good care of our people and our planet - partners...

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Best. Gift. Ever.

We would love to be a part of your holiday giving this season! Plenty of options for you to consider: Purchase a gift certificate and allow your loved one to choose their own blend(s) in their own time. Gift cards are good for one year from date of purchase.» Visit...

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