Our Mission

To take essential oil healing to the highest level, drawing on the complete, well-rounded story of each plant’s medicine and energetics.

To educate our customers about the profound physical vibrancy, insight and transformation that comes through affirmation and focused, repeated intention.

To contribute to heightened awareness about the state of our planet and how we can play a part in its healing by taking personal responsibility.

The Products

BodyMantra essential oil blends are handcrafted in small batches in Boulder, Colorado, emphasizing the freshest organic, wildcrafted, non-GMO ingredients.

For the few ingredients that are not certified organic or wildcrafted, we work with suppliers that we know to work with organic and/or natural farming and harvesting methods (the path to organic certification is often prohibitive for small suppliers).

We use only natural preservatives and blend our products in small batches. No parabens, synthetics, or harsh chemicals, ever. To enjoy the ultimate vibrancy and freshness of the plant medicine in our blends, we recommend that you use your product within six months of purchase.

Our blends are intended to be used both as nourishing, hydrating body oils, as well as support for daily ritual and affirmation.

Each blend features a dilution of essential oils in a base so that they can be safely used on a daily basis. We recommend 2-6 pumps of oil per application. This allows your skin to enjoy the healing and hydrating benefits of the oils, while giving you a good dose of plant medicine.

Our Story

BodyMantra founder and principle alchemist Kimberly Jonas began working with essential oils in 1996, when they were still relatively obscure and little-known. She became an avid student of the scientific and medicinal origins of essential oils, learning about distillation techniques and molecular components, while using them primarily for self-healing.

In 2003, Kimberly opened her private practice in Boulder, Colorado, with a focus on holistic healing through energy work, spiritual counsel and essential oil therapy. Her essential oil work centered on the medicinal characteristics of essential oils. With the oils, she became known for work that focused on increasing immune function, cellular regeneration, and adrenal repair.

During this time, she was also teaching and practicing meditation, yoga and mindful movement, all of which were solidifying her understanding of the connection between personal focus and outcome.

In 2006, Kimberly’s work shifted dramatically. She began experiencing a full-blown unleashing of her intuitive skills, which came in the form of clairvoyance and clairaudience. As these experiences came to be the centerpoint of her practice, her curiosity about the less-tangible, energetic properties of essential oils grew in parallel.

Over time, Kimberly naturally began to blend the science and energetics of essential oils, expanding into the myriad, powerful layers of wisdom and healing that each plant brought to the table. Calling on their extensive biographies to craft potent essential oil blends.

This is when her experience in teaching mindful practices also came into play.

She started teaching her clients how to work with focused intention and affirmation when using her essential oil blends. Helping them to design daily, personal rituals in order to bring more potency and focus to their healing process.

It wasn’t long before her clients began sharing story after story of amazing and long-sought-after breakthrough. Of transformation on every level – physical, emotional and spiritual. They marveled at how instrumental they were to their own healing. How powerful their thoughts truly were.

And that’s how BodyMantra was born.