BodyMantra celebrates and teaches the power of combining
natural plant medicine with daily ritual.

BodyMantra makes my favorite essential oil blends. Their quality and the intention, love and care that go into these blends is unparalleled. Every time I use these I slow down, soften, open, align with and embrace the goddess within. Kimberly is a magical sorceress and her oils are gems.

Renee Peterson Trudeau
Transformational Coach/Speaker and
Author of The Mother's Guide to Self-Renewal

I was gifted with the Heart Presence blend and love it! I was going through some emotional times and applied it to my sternum during my daily meditation. I don’t know if it was the energy or the delicious scent, but I immediately felt a deeper sense of peace and could exhale more easily once I had used the oil.

Valerie D'Ambrosio
Connection Coach

We didn’t know anything about this idea of combining essential oils with personal intention until we talked to Kimberly about her products. And now we can’t imagine not using them every single day – they have brought so much presence and focus to our lives and yoga practice.

Stephen Uvalle & Sara Fox-Uvalle
Kaiut Hatha Yoga Instructors