• Announcing Our Power Animal Collection
  • Kimberly Jonas
Announcing Our Power Animal Collection

This collection has been a long time coming. I’ve personally been working with spirit animals and animal medicine for over 15 years and am thrilled that this collection decided to finally emerge.

I'm a huge believer in animal wisdom … how these powerful creatures can speak to us, teach us, support us in our daily lives.

Sure, there are plenty of sacred ceremonies that support conversation with spirit animals – sweat lodges, fire ceremonies, ecstatic dances, Shamanic journeying.

And, I wanted to create a collection that would bring you closer to the world of animal medicine, demystify the notion that it isn’t for the average, everyday person.

Because the truth is, we are surrounded by animals. Even in urban environments, hawks swoop down, rabbits skitter across the street, coyotes come looking for water. Rather than create a separation from these wise souls, we have the opportunity to connect with them, listen for the messages that they are here to convey.

What I loved about creating this collection is that it was a ceremony unto itself.

I called in these eight magnificent animals on a regular basis, letting them whisper in my ear, direct me this way and that, until the alchemy of each blend was just right.

What ended up happening, through no intellectual process whatsoever, is that these blends have some beautiful overlaps of essential oils so that they all weave together seamlessly. For those of you that work with many animal totems at one time, you’ll only find harmony in working with multiple blends from the collection at one time.

Some of you might be reading this and saying Yes! Let me at it. I’m ready to start slathering myself with the oils from this new collection.

Brilliant. Visit the collection now.

Others of you might be reading this and thinking What are you talking about? Those raccoons keep waking me up in the middle of the night and I’m annoyed.

If you’re willing to be swayed, head on over to my interview with world renowned Shamanic instructor Sandra Ingerman about the wisdom of power animals and how they can serve you in your everyday life.

What I do know is this: If you embrace the animals that show up in your daily life, your dreams, your moments of personal ritual, you won’t be disappointed.

I’ve designed this collection to support you in creating a consistent, intentional connection to these brilliant beings.

Craft your own ritual. Call in those animals. Let them work their magic.

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  • Kimberly Jonas

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