Why A Custom Blend?

We realize that sometimes you need some extra-personal support. Maybe you’ve scanned through our products and still can’t quite find the right blend to match what you’re going through.

Perhaps you’re celebrating something – a marriage, a change of home, a new job. Or are going through a rough patch – a divorce, some seriously frustrating stagnation, an illness or healing crisis.

Or maybe you’re hosting a special event, like a bridal or baby shower, and want to create a special gift for your attendees.

Wherever you are on the spectrum, a custom blend might just be the ticket.

Our founder, Kimberly Jonas, loves to create custom blends. In fact, it’s how she spends a lot of her time – crafting new concoctions.

As an intuitive alchemist (watch the video above to learn more about what that means!), Kimberly has the ability to hone in on what a person is most needing at any given moment and design a blend that features the perfect constituents to support your situation.

She takes the consultation process seriously and will ask you pointed and compassionate questions to get to the meat of what you need. One of our customers describes the process as “a mini therapy session.”

The Process

Your initial order includes a consultation & design fee; you will then be charged for the actual bottle of oil once the blend has been designed and assembled. The price range for custom blends is $35-55 for a 1 oz bottle, not including tax and shipping.

Kimberly personally spends 2-3 hours with each custom blend to see it through to its completion.

In addition to her direct contact with you to hear your goals, dreams and requests for your blend, she spends 30-45 minutes in development (selecting the oils, blending them, adding, subtracting, re-blending until the alchemy is perfect), and 45-60 minutes developing a personalized write-up about the blend that describes why each oil was selected and how it will specifically be supporting you. The entire process takes about a week.

Lots of front-end love and care is put into your blend so that it will serve you well in the long run!

How To Order

Visit our Custom Blend Product Page to purchase a custom consultation. We will contact you shortly afterward to schedule a time to speak with Kimberly.

About a week after your consultation, we will send an email with a link to your new blend. As soon as you make a payment, we’ll ship it out to you!

* Please note that, because Kimberly works intuitively, aligning the energies of your system with those of the oils she works with, your blend cannot be treated as a “design your own” creation for which you choose the oils. She will certainly consider any requests and always takes allergies or aversions into account. Please note that custom blends cannot be returned.