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COVID-19 Support

COVID-19 is here and has ignited a huge range of response and emotion. What do we believe? Whose advice to we follow? How do we tame the fear response? How do we balance taking care of ourselves with care of our loved ones? What is the best way to maintain equilibrium in the midst of this chaos?

These are the questions that I’m working with daily, both personally and with my clients. The complexity level is high, the uncertainty level even higher. We have not only ourselves to attend to, but our loved ones and, if we are plugged into the true nature of this pandemic, to humanity as a whole.

As COVID-19 news bombards us, I am being asked more and more:
What are you doing to take care of yourself during this time, Kimberly?

When the first reported cases of COVID-19 started showing up here in Colorado, one of the first things my husband and I did was set up specific essential oil protocols. We are both daily users of BodyMantra essential oil blends, but now we have added diffusion and sanitizing sprays to our arsenal, with the intent of taking care of ourselves in both body and spirit as things escalate with this virus.

To add to the self-care, I am limiting my public exposure to grocery shopping, connecting with clients on Skype, practicing yoga and meditation daily, and taking anti-viral and immune-boosting supplements every morning.

Here I will share a bit more about the essential oil piece of my repertoire.

For me, the most critical level of care is for my spirit. If my spirit is not aligned, feeling secure and connected to some higher sense of Grace, my body suffers (insomnia and digestive distress being the two biggies).

For this, I am applying our Faith blend on a daily basis.

When I work with Faith, I invoke a practice to clear my mind, track and release any fear in my body through intention and breath work, call on my spirit guides and guardians to shore me up, and speak the mantra “I have Faith that everything is unfolding as it is intended.” (My mantra changes from time to time, but this is the one that I am using regularly right now.)

With that foundation, I have layered on the use of essential oils for my physical well being. I have called in the big guns here: lemon, clove, rosemary, cinnamon, and eucalyptus.

I made a blend of these heavy-hitters (anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, mind-clearing, toxin-busters) and am using it both as a sanitizing spray (mixed in a 90% alcohol solution) and on my feet (one of the quickest ways to get the medicine into the blood stream while keeping me grounded). My husband is diffusing the blend at his office until such time as it closes and he starts working from home.

There are lots of places you can procure therapeutic-grade essential oils for this purpose, though many suppliers are sold out and/or limiting quantities. I suggest you first look to local sources if you are able – apothecaries and naturopaths are most likely to carry the highest grade of oils. Otherwise, companies like Young Living and DoTerra great sources.

During this passage of uncertainty, we will be offering a 25% discount on our top 3 recommended blends for this time:*

To connect you to your inner source of trust, a knowing that all will be well, even amidst uncertainty. Apply daily to your heart space/chest.
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For immune boosting and keeping your body clear of toxic accumulation. Use daily on feet, belly and neck (to keep your lymph system moving).
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To assist you in letting go of fear and judgment during this intense time. Inhale deeply before applying to inner wrists and heart space/chest every day.
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Blessings to all of us as we navigate this passage with each other. If ever there were a time for us to work with practices to keep us balanced in both body and spirit, this would be it.

* Limit 2 bottles of any given blend per person. With this pandemic, it is quickly becoming more difficult to procure the raw materials needed for our products! No code necessary – discount will be automatically applied at checkout.

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