• Our Newest Blend : FAITH
  • Kimberly Jonas
Our Newest Blend : FAITH

Have Faith

2018 has been quite a year for our country and the world. History is being rewritten in no uncertain terms. So much calamity and unrest happening in every corner, no-one untouched.

For me, this has been a year for Faith. For digging deep and finding the part of me that believes that there is a reason for all of this erosion and drama, that I/we are being guided toward something important. I personally don't call on any religion when I speak of Faith, though honor all forms of God, Spirit and what I call Forces Greater Than Me.

As my dialogue with Faith has deepened over the course of this year, I have come to feel that it is a convergence of intuition, belief and trust. Qualities that lie both inside of me and around me, asking me to get bigger than my ego, bigger than my mind, bigger than my fear. This is by no means a conclusive definition of Faith – impossible to capture such a vast concept in a few words! More likely, this is simply one piece of a lifetime of exploration.

I could think of no better time than now to release this newest essential oil blend. It is a potent mix of medicine designed to connect you to your Faith, whatever that means for you. To help you move through the daily waves of uncertainty that we are all experiencing at this moment, return to a place of center, calm amidst the storm.


FAITH is not a thing, an object to grab onto, a trinket to drop into some holy, precious corner of your satchel, wielded solely in defense of a life-threatening moment. It is intended to be courted, minded daily, approached as an invaluable companion that will accompany you from the mud and muck at the edge of the river to the sparkling crest of the mountain.

Loyalty and consistency are built into the framework of Faith, the essential ingredients that allow it to weather the storms of your ego and folly.

And while you may one day reach in earnest for Faith to guide you, shape you, remind you of all of the magic you cannot see, it may elude you, leave you wondering if you’ve been permanently abandoned for no good reason.

This is what they call testing your Faith. The passages when Faith is standing right by your side, so waif-life and invisible in its presentation that it can be quickly overtaken by the heavy shadow of Doubt.

These are the moments when you must settle into the deepest reaches of your knowing, remind yourself that Faith is running through your veins, leaning against your skin, perfuming the air around you. That this abstract concept is indeed tangible and real, if only you are willing to validate its presence, infuse it into the bones of your body until it becomes part of your genetic code.

Only remember that Faith thrives on its unquantifiable nature. Just as we cannot pull down the stars and moon, toss them into a gilded cage for safe-keeping, so we cannot ensnare Faith and tame it into submission.

We must be willing to simultaneously acknowledge its infallible presence while giving it room to breathe, to adjust its intensity and volume at any given moment, show itself as the wise, well-placed advisor we know it to be – so that we never take it for granted.

©2018 Kimberly Jonas

  • Kimberly Jonas

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