• Introducing Beautiful Breast Elixir
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Introducing Beautiful Breast Elixir

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Just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, BodyMantra, a line of intentional body oils, will be introducing a blend designed to provide support for breast cancer survivors, those currently undergoing treatment, or those simply focused on breast health.

Beautiful Breast Elixir marries the science behind essential oil medicine and the power of daily ritual to evoke femininity, fluidity, and good health in every use. Inspired by clients journeying through breast cancer, Beautiful Breast Elixir was developed by founder and principle alchemist Kimberly Jonas as potent plant medicine and a resource for transforming body and spirit. Formulated with certified organic oils touted for their ability to fight free radicals, boost the immune system, and heal scars, when coupled with intention setting and self-healing meditations, good breast health and healing is fostered.

In an effort to support those moving through breast cancer, BodyMantra will donate $2 from every bottle of Beautiful Breast Elixir purchased to BreastCancer.org.

Providing potent wellness for the skin, tissues, and cells of the breasts, Beautiful Breast Elixir is formulated with a blend of certified organic oils designed to activate and sustain good breast health. Packing a high dose of skincare and medicinal benefits, the power of the blend is revealed when used daily and paired with personal intention. Powerful antioxidants in Grapeseed and Frankincense provide healing and protection from free radicals. Pomegranate Seed Oil, rich in punicic acid, tends to inflammation. Castor oil assists with circulation and lymphatic flow. Vitamin E and Geranium oil fights aging, and softens scars and scar tissue.

With every use the nervous system is calmed, emotions are balanced, self-esteem is lifted, and immune function is increased. To apply, massage 3-6 pumps, depending on breast size, onto each breast, including around the underarm, as part of a daily morning or evening ritual. Develop a personal mantra that supports welcoming the fullness of being a woman, invoking the power from being connected to Her to bring balance, care, and calm to the heart and mind, and recite during application.

If specifically tending to cancerous growths or post-surgery scarring, apply directly to those areas in small, definitive circular motions and speak intentions for healing.

Beautiful Breast Elixir will be available beginning October 1. This blend will debut at the special price of $36 exclusively during the introductory month of October. Visit the product page now.

  • Kimberly Jonas

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