• The Power of Dilution
  • Kimberly Jonas
The Power of Dilution


What?? you say. To dilute, by definition means “to make weaker or thinner” by adding other elements. Then how can a dilution be synonymous with power?

Enter essential oil dilutions.

Essential oils are by their very nature, extremely concentrated. The process of extracting essential oils from plants is all about reducing roots, stems, bark, resin, leaves, and flowers down to their essence. There is no plant medicine more potent. To give you an idea: It can take nearly 30 pounds of lavender flowers to make just one tablespoon of essential oil.

That said, there are dangers to using essential oils in their “neat,” undiluted form.

Certain oils can burn the skin, promote photosensitivity (sensitivity to sun exposure) or lead to persistent skin irritation if used in excess. (On top of that, there is also the issue of adulterated essential oils, which are more rampant in the marketplace than ever these days. But that’s for another article.) Unfortunately, with the mass-production of essential oils and their introduction into mainstream products, education about these hazards is often lost.

And that’s when self-prescribers can end up unhappy when they whip over to the grocery store to buy a bottle of essential oil that was recommended somewhere on the Internet, apply it neat and have a reaction that leaves them labeling essential oils as “too strong,” never to be tried again.

One of our primary intentions here at BodyMantra is to back out these hazards through the simple process of dilution. Which means adding a base oil (such as almond or coconut oil) to our organic and wildcrafted therapeutic-grade essential oils in order to temper any potential reactivity or sensitivity that can come with neat application.

By diluting the concentrated plant medicine, we are enabling you to apply these oils safely each and every day,* taking in their high-vibration healing properties in increments that ultimately give them superpower status.

* Please remember that everyone is different. You might still have sensitivity, even with diluted essential oils. Our blends can sometimes initiate gentle detox reactions that will eventually subside after the body releases toxins and residue being addressed by the essential oils. If reactions occur that aren’t severe, we recommend that you further dilute your blend with a high-quality, cold pressed organic olive oil for 7-10 days. If symptoms persist after 2 weeks, discontinue use of that blend. It isn’t for you at this time!

  • Kimberly Jonas

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