• The Power of Mantra
  • Kimberly Jonas
The Power of Mantra

mantra |ˈmantrə, ˈmän-| n.
a word or sound repeated to aid concentration; a statement or slogan repeated frequently


We all have busy lives – so many things to accomplish each and every day. It’s natural for us to become distracted and fractured. To lose concentration.

That’s where the mantra comes in. We believe that having a mantra to work with every day cultivates more calm, focus, and possibility for breakthrough. Some people call them Affirmations. Intentions. Goals. Desires. Dreams. Wishes. All of those work.

We just like the word Mantra.

So here’s how it goes:

First, you have to craft your mantra.

What are you working with in your life that needs some extra attention? A commitment to slow down? A desire to speak more lovingly to your kids more often? A wish to contribute more directly at work? A goal to increase your income?

Whatever your focus, it’s important that you craft some specific words that relate to your intention. Because the Universe likes specificity. If you are a little lax about this part of the process, you’re less likely to experience the outcome you desire. It’s like using a laser pointer – it creates focus.

Keep it short so that it’s easy to remember and repeat on a regular basis. This is a great practice: Honing your words will help you to bring more concentration and precision to what you desire.

Then it’s time to put your mantra into action.

Your mantra needs to be used every single day. At least once, if not more.

Repetition builds muscle – just like lifting weights in the gym. Same thing with mantra work. The Universe needs to hear your words consistently to be on board. And, likewise, every time you speak your mantra, you reinforce a commitment to yourself and your desires.

The process doesn’t have to be long. You don’t have to sit on a meditation cushion for it to work. You just have to carve out a little quiet time and speak your mantra aloud, solidifying it in your mind and body.

With our essential oil blends, we recommend that you do this right after you step out of the shower or bath every day. Take two minutes to speak your mantra and feel it as you apply the oil to your body. Your brain will start to associate the scent with the intention of the mantra. In a short time, you’ll start to feel how this ritual leads to real changes in your attitudes, behaviors and outcomes.

The beauty is that, when you get in a pickle with this particular commitment you’ve made (because you know you will – it happens to all of us when we’re instigating change), you can whip out your oil for a quick application, and your mantra and all of its associated power and goodness will woosh on in.

In other words, all of your daily work will pay off on the days when you need a little extra boost. Your mantra will become your friend and support. The reminder that you are on the right track.

And one last reflection about mantra:

We find that people sometimes find it difficult to start this practice. It’s pretty common for people to simply not commit to quieting down for that extra two minutes to make this ritual part of their every day.

We’ve wondered about that.

How is it that our other daily rituals – our morning grooming and coffee, our lunch break and power meetings, our errand running and social outings – take precedence over our SPIRIT and SOUL rituals?

When we say it that way, maybe you’ll start to consider how simple and important this mantra practice can be.


Try it. Ask us questions. Share your stories. We’re here to help make this an accessible and welcome part of your daily life.

  • Kimberly Jonas

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