• Our Shipping Slim-Down
  • Kimberly Jonas
Our Shipping Slim-Down

As you well know by now (or if you don’t, snoop around our site a bit and you'll learn!), we’re doing our best here at BodyMantra to not make a ginormous footprint on our planet.

Sure, there are things that still have to go into the landfill from time to time, have to be carted East to West (in the US of A, we’re talking), and certain things that have to happen to sell retail products (like printed material that tells you about what’s in your products).

But overall, we’re always taking baby steps here and there to slim down what we’re “putting out in the world,” while doing our best to still make what arrives on your doorstep meaningful and beautiful.

To that end, we’ve taken another small step this month:

No more product boxes!

Now, this may not seem like a big deal, but it kind of is.

Think about it: You get our product in the mail – a box within a box – you open it, eager to get to the product itself, and the box gets discarded immediately.

Multiply by hundreds, even thousands, and we’re leaving a bigger mark than we need to.

So, now you’re going to get just a few things in your box when you order online:*

1.    The shipping box or envelope (for samples). Until we can Star Trek-beam your product to you. Please break down and recycle.

2.    Corn-based shipping peanuts. These things are cool. You can reuse them for shipping gifts to family and friends, compost them if your city offers that service, or toss them in your sink or bathtub and run water on them until they dissolve right down the drain. Plus, if your dog inadvertently takes a few down, they’ll be okay. (And if your only option is the landfill, that’ll be okay too. They biodegrade, so won’t sit around for the next 3 decades.)

3.    Minimal recycled-paper wrapping around your (precious) glass bottle. Please recycle. We send our samples in sweet little organza gift bags. Please reuse.

4.    Our simple, newly-designed product card that describes your blend, the specifics of how each essential oil will support you, and how to apply. Now you can keep that handy to reference as needed.

5.    Occasionally, we’ll also include other little cards for special promos or thank you’s. Please recycle once you’ve gotten what you need from them.

And that’s it! We hope you’ll like these baby steps toward even better care of our planet.

* When retailers decide to join forces and not follow the model of “one box for every product,” we’ll be the first to be on board! Until then, anything of ours re-sold by someone else will still be in a box. Please recycle.

  • Kimberly Jonas

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