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Let the Blog begin

Hello and welcome!

I have been deep in the throes of overhauling and re-launching my personal website – kimberlyjonas.com – over the past few months. That project kept me from delving into the start of a blog here on the BodyMantra Blends site.

But finally the time has arrived – thank you for your patience!

I’m excited to share thoughts, stories and insights here about working with essential oils, personalized ritual, body-centered self care, and creating the life you desire through focused intention. (You can also join me on Facebook to get bite-sized pieces of the same.)

To kick this thing off, I’ll start with my story:

I started working with essential oils nearly 25 years ago. It began as a physical and scientific pursuit – learning about essential oils, their measurable medicinal properties, and how to select them for specific conditions and ailments. It didn't take long for me to realize that essential oils have the power to dramatically change our health, both inside and out.

Over the years, as I began to fully embrace my intuitive skills in other realms of my work – particularly my one-on-one private work with people – it became a natural thing to work more organically and less linearly with essential oils. I started to see that there is so much more to the story than science.

While I’ve never abandoned the essential science of working with oils, I now work with their breadth beyond what is measurable and easily defined. Over time, I came to see that each plant from which the oils are derived has a story – an energetic – that has nothing to do with sesquiterpenes or chemotypes. I began to develop a personal relationship to these energies – understanding that bigger things started happening when I worked with the oils in this way.

It’s much like getting to know a person over time. At first, you know them by hair color, how they walk, what they wear, the “usual” things that they talk about. As you get to know them over time, you come to know more about them at the emotional level – their deepest desires, fears, quirks and hidden strengths.

It’s the same with essential oils. They have qualities that can be captured molecularly, under a microscope – their direct benefits to scars, sore throats and headaches irrefutable. At the same time, there is a vast landscape of less measurable, less “black & white” traits that make each oil even more dimensional, more transformational.

You’ll see proof of that in our blends. Everything that we craft at BodyMantra is a marriage of science and energetics. Tangible and … less tangible. Because, ultimately, we are complex human beings with many layers to attend to. And so we call on the multi-dimensional power of essential oils to best support all of the layers of you - body, mind and spirit.

Let’s play!

  • Kimberly Jonas

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