Freedom   Discipline   Family & Tribe

  • About Wolf:
    • Cultivates freedom through carefully-defined rules and territory
    • Connected to lunar energy – deep listening that comes with the quiet of night
    • Embraces strong pack behavior that breeds respect, honor and safety
    When working with Wolf, you will be supported in your relationships with others, particularly groups and family. Wolf will help you develop your ability to work well with others and find a healthy place within any given group. When engaging with others, you will learn to call on your discernment and higher listening skills so that you can respond intelligently and without drama.

    Wolf encourages you to trust your instincts, allow your intuitive nature to guide you in all that you choose, rather than over-thinking things.

    Wolf medicine will also connect you to the moon and its receptive energy, encouraging you to listen more and speak less, honor the wisdom that comes through quiet, intentional contemplation and reflection.

  • Wolf is an extremely intelligent animal. They live by carefully defined rules and territories, knowing that true freedom stems from discipline. And in turn, that discipline fine-tunes the skill of discernment; wolves only engage when the expenditure of energy is absolutely necessary.

    You will find that Wolf moves easily in the dark and is often associated with lunar energy, which symbolizes a willingness to listen and receive. They are comfortable with the quiet simplicity that comes with nighttime and use it to hone their senses and connect more deeply to their natural instincts.

    Wolves are well known for their pack behavior; they run in packs much of the time and possess a good understanding of rank and purpose within the group. When acting as part of a pack, their intelligence shows through in that they don’t subscribe solely to hierarchy, but can understand how to draw on the strength of each member to make the entire pack stronger. There is a tremendous amount of respect and honor associated with pack dynamics.

    Some of our favorite mantras for Wolf Medicine:

    I will connect to my family and friends with kindness and respect.

    I ask Wolf to help me tap more fully into my instincts and intuitive knowing.

    I will turn up my listening skills, speaking only when necessary from a place of discernment.
  • Jojoba oil,* Vitamin E (non-GMO)

    Essential oils of: Sandalwood,† Sage,* Oregano,* Clove*

    *Organic †Wildcrafted

    connects you to intangible realms, the power of your instincts and intuition.


    reminds you of the importance of lineage and family, connecting you to your ancestors.

    will keep you focused and determined when it is required.

    helps in setting boundaries, being clear about what is helpful and what is not.

  • All BodyMantra oils are designed for daily use and ritual. Each blend is handcrafted with directed intention so that you are receiving both medicinal and energetic benefits. Consider developing your own mantra, to be spoken and felt as you apply your oil, to add to its potency. For best results, use within six months of purchase. Store in a cool, dry place.

    Apply immediately following a morning shower, or use as part of an evening ritual before bed. Multiple pumps of this oil can be used safely, as the essential oils in this formula are diluted.

    For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Keep out of contact with eyes. Consult your physician if you are pregnant or on medication. Please see our on-line product use guidelines for more details.

$ 39.00 / 1 oz