Our samples provide enough oil for two applications so that you can fully test the blend with your body chemistry.

Choose 4 samples from the list below. If you are ordering them along with full-sized product, the cost will be a flat rate of $10. If you are ordering samples separately, you will be charged $10 plus a value shipping option of $2.95.

We’ll also include a coupon for 15% off your next order of full-sized product.*

A few other details:

  • Only one sample set per order. Duplicate samples not allowed.
  • Samples do not qualify for return or exchange.
  • We offer samples for the purpose of testing our blends prior to purchasing full-sized product; we do not fill on-going samples orders to the same customer.
  • We do not send ingredient lists or product descriptions with our samples; please refer to the product detail on the website for that information.

* 15% discount coupon applies to our standard line of blends only; custom consultations and custom blends not included. Samples shipped separately are available for U.S. customers; all other countries may include samples as part of an order of full-sized product.

$ 10.00