Revelation   Transformation   Authenticity

  • There is a point at which the caterpillar is no longer, the butterfly ready to emerge; when metamorphosis is completing and the time has arrived to reveal something new and brilliant to the world.  Emergence can be a delicate process, as we swing from fiery, passionate excitement, to tender, raw moments of uncertainty. This journey requires careful tending so that our emergent self has a chance to properly strengthen in order to flourish.

    Emergence is designed to support the most authentic, radiant parts of you that are ready to be seen, known, and fully revealed, both to yourself and to others. It will help you expand to your edges, while reminding you that a good dose of TLC is required for us to safely and fully emerge.

    Use 2-3 pumps daily on the part of your body that requires the most nurturing during this emergent time: your heart (in support of your most authentic expression), your throat (as you speak out), your belly (to tame those butterflies), your temples (to calm a busy mind), your feet (to help you stay grounded, even as you take flight).

    Some of our favorite mantras for Emergence:

    I commit to my own, powerful emergence.

    I will be kind and gentle with myself as I am practicing new behaviors and choices that align with my True Self.

    I call on faith and self-trust as I move through the uncharted, unfamiliar territory of Emergence.
  • Sweet Almond oil, Argan oil,* Kukui Nut oil, Jojoba oil*

    Essential oils of: Ylang Ylang,* Rose, Sea Buckthorn,* Bergamot,* Geranium,* Grapefruit*


    Ylang Ylang
    will uplift as you move through your process of Emergence, providing a bit of TLC when you find yourself discouraged or frayed at the edges.

    embodies the spirit of Emergence. Just as a rose goes from bud to blossom, its presence in this blend will support your most beautiful, timely unfolding. It will also bring a sense of ground and equilibrium to your process.

    Sea Buckthorn
    will bring a high level of protection through all of the stages of your Emergence. In this blend, it is intended to support all of the systems of your body – immune, vascular, neurological, visceral, emotional – that can be easily taxed as you challenge yourself to change. It will also support you to move through any days of detox that come with shedding old ways of being.

    will kindly keep you on-task. It will support you to stay the course, without being too pushy or aggressive. It will particularly help on the days when you are feeling a little extra tender or unsure of yourself.

    is all about getting as big as you can, taking all of the time that you need to expand and emerge. It will stay in your tissues for a long time, coaxing out the parts of you that are tentative or uncertain, guiding you to eventually show all of yourself.

    for clarity. This oil will help you to break through any confusion or fogginess as you emerge.

  • All BodyMantra oils are designed for daily use and ritual. Each blend is handcrafted with directed intention so that you are receiving both medicinal and energetic benefits. Consider developing your own mantra, to be spoken and felt as you apply your oil, to add to its potency. For best results, use within six months of purchase. Store in a cool, dry place.

    Apply immediately following a morning shower, or use as part of an evening ritual before bed. Multiple pumps of this oil can be used safely, as the essential oils in this formula are diluted.

    For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Keep out of contact with eyes. Consult your physician if you are pregnant or on medication. Please see our on-line product use guidelines for more details.

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