Womb Power

Creativity   Sensuality   Radiance

  • The womb is the source of all that you create as a woman, whether that comes in the form of birthing children, visions, or your most sensual self. Because it can be easy to rely on the mind to get you through the day-to-day, it's good to have a periodic reminder to rest downward, into the creative seat of your body: The Womb.

    This complex blend supports all dimensions of your womb and the consistent, powerful birthing that it fuels. We recommend it for use to support pre- and post-pregnancy strengthening, menopause passages, as well as boosting creativity. Do not use this oil if you are pregnant, might be pregnant, or are breast feeding.

    Use 2-3 pumps just above the pubic bone as part of your daily ritual.

    Some of our favorite mantras for Womb Power:

    I am a powerful, creative woman.

    I invoke the power of my womb to guide me in all things creative, including giving birth to my child [or next project, or next phase of life].

    I ask that my womb fully open to its fertility so that I may give birth with ease and grace.

  • Jojoba oil,* Kukui Nut oil

    Essential oils of: Sage,* Vetiver,* Sweet Basil,* Angelica,* Cardamom,* Frankincense,* Geranium,* Peppermint*


    to honor your innate wisdom and self-knowing. This oil will reconnect you to your intuition, the part of you that knows exactly what steps to take, what changes to make, who to engage with and who not to. It is the oil that calls up your Wise Woman fully, bringing her to her full strength so that she can guide you well.

    for grounding and rooting into your womb. As you blossom in your creative, birthing processes, it can be easy to uproot, become fractured or flighty. Vetiver provides a strong foundation so that you can expand far and wide without getting too scattered.

    Sweet Basil
    will help you to untangle complex material as it arises. The birthing process is no simple thing, and can bring forward a lot of questions, doubts, new insights and breakthroughs. Sweet Basil will keep you from getting bowled over by the intensity of the process.

    supports the mystic aspects of your Feminine and the birthing process. She will unabashedly take you into realms of Woman that will help you to expand and become more fertile, open to the widest expression of yourself.

    lends a touch of spice to this blend. Creativity, birth and rebirth always have a layer of spiciness – challenge and/or thrill that keep things stirred up. Cardamom will help you to identify and harmonize with these zesty elements.

    will help you stay open to the unexpected and navigate the wild Unknown that often accompanies the birthing process.

    attunes you to your feminine power, keeps you strong in your sense of Woman. This oil is gently insistent and will nudge you forward, help you to access reserves of strength that you may not always realize you have.

    for clarity and a touch of brightness. If you get a little foggy or low along the way, this is the oil that will wake you up, lighten your load and raise your vibration.

  • All BodyMantra oils are designed for daily use and ritual. Each blend is handcrafted with directed intention so that you are receiving both medicinal and energetic benefits. Consider developing your own mantra, to be spoken and felt as you apply your oil, to add to its potency. For best results, use within six months of purchase. Store in a cool, dry place.

    Apply immediately following a morning shower, or use as part of an evening ritual before bed. Multiple pumps of this oil can be used safely, as the essential oils in this formula are diluted.

    For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Keep out of contact with eyes. Consult your physician if you are pregnant or on medication. Please see our on-line product use guidelines for more details.

$ 38.00 / 1 oz