Part I : The Internal

Julie Tara: Your Custom Blend

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From our recent exchange:

This first blend is all about your internal process. Getting clear about your own voice, what is true for you, turning toward Wholeness (light and dark) and letting that experience do its work on you. This will be a time of connecting to the deep well of expression that often gets censored in/by you … and also to underscore that your light will sometimes lead to more light and, sometimes, turbulence and shadow. I see this first blend as supporting a deep alchemy within you that may have a bit of outward expression, but not much. The notion being that strengthening the relationship to your inner guidance without censorship (particularly in your own mind) and beginning to feel more of the dimension and wholeness of what you are here to share, feel, express. It will all be guided by high vibration and light, since that is how you will lead this discussion. But it also won’t shy away from the less-than-comfortable places.

$ 43.00 / 1 oz