Holiday Survival Kit : Keep It Together

Balance • Presence • Grounding

  • A trio designed to help you stay centered, calm, and present during the frenzy of the holiday season (and beyond). Roots, Presence and Stillpoint blends work to ground you, hold you in the moment, calm the central nervous system, aid in restful sleep, and keep anxiety at bay. A must for any serious holiday-goer!

    All of our gift sets are sent in a holiday-stamped cotton muslin gift bag.

    We're offering this holiday set for $98, a $115 value.
  • Roots:
    Jojoba oil*
    Essential oils of: Spikenard,* Vetiver,* Lavender,* Sage,* Lemongrass*

    Sweet Almond oil, Jojoba oil,* Rosehip Seed oil*
    Essential oils of: Lemongrass,* Hyssop,* Rosemary,* Angelica,* Lemon,* Peppermint*

    Avocado oil,* Coconut oil,† Jojoba oil*
    Essential oils of: Lavender,† Myrrh,† Blue Tansy,* Grapefruit,* Patchouli†

    *Organic †Wildcrafted

  • All BodyMantra oils are designed for daily use and ritual. Each blend is handcrafted with directed intention so that you are receiving both medicinal and energetic benefits. Consider developing your own mantra, to be spoken and felt as you apply your oil, to add to its potency. For best results, use within six months of purchase. Store in a cool, dry place.

    Apply immediately following a morning shower, or use as part of an evening ritual before bed. Multiple pumps of this oil can be used safely, as the essential oils in this formula are diluted.

    For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Keep out of contact with eyes. Consult your physician if you are pregnant or on medication. Please see our on-line product use guidelines for more details.

$ 98.00 / 3 x 1oz